The Veteran Reparations Project is teaming up with Veterans for Peace and Iraq Veterans Against the War to send reparations to Mosul. To join us, click here. Your contributions will go towards providing urgently needed medical supplies, sanitary items, and food.

Mosul is currently experiencing a humanitarian crisis as the US and its allies launch a major operation to recapture the city of Mosul from the Islamic State. Refugees are pouring out of the city into camps where aid organizations are struggling to meet their needs. Others are trapped in the city and have been facing starvation for months.

Also, civilian casualties have been on the rise since President Trump entered office. In the last several weeks, US air strikes have killed over 1,484 civilians in Iraq and Syria. Three weeks ago one airstrike alone is believed to have killed over 200 civilians.

Since the start of the US war against the Islamic State, Operation Inherent Resolve has partnered the US with a host of unsavory allies, from the corrupt and repressive Iraqi government to the Popular Mobilization Forces, who have been accused of warcrimes and human rights violations on numerous occasions.

Not only has this operation been brutal, leaving humanitarian catastrophes in the wake of every city it “liberates,” but its mission has failed to address the political and social roots of the Islamic State’s success in Iraqi—Sunni disenfranchisement. Instead it has laid waste to entire cities with predominantly Sunni populations, employing the logic of the Vietnam War—destroying cities in order to save them.

This war is now at a violent pinnacle with the ongoing operation to recapture Mosul. The operation began on October 17, 2016, and six months later, although the exact figures are uncertain, it is believed that hundreds of thousands have been displaced and tens of thousands have been killed.

As veterans, a belief in duty has always been a call to action for us. But many of us began to reevaluate our notion of duty when we returned from war. Many of us eventually came to see resisting unjust wars and standing in solidarity with the victims of our wars as our new mission.

Because we did more than most to bring this catastrophe to Iraq, we feel a particular responsibility to make good on our moral debt and send reparations to Iraqis in their time of need. However we all participate in war, to a greater or lesser extent, whether civilian or soldier. Whether by paying taxes, voting for bellicose candidates, or simply doing nothing to stop it; as citizens of empire we all support a societal effort to wage war globally. Our country is deeply implicated in this unjust war and we all have a duty to stop it and send reparations to the people were hurting.

Join us. Pay reparations now.


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