Playful Reparations: Skate Classes and Safety Gear

Iraqi, Syrian and Jordanian children are loving the new skate park in Amman, Jordan, built by our partners Make Life Skate Life.


Many of the displaced families we met in Jordan want to send their children to skate classes at the park so they can enjoy a public space, get exercise, and interact with each other under safe supervision.  What we need: an instructor and protective gear!

1 year of weekly skate classes: $1,508 (instructor, transportation and working hours)

15 full sets of safety gear: $652 (helmet, and pads for knees, elbows and wrists)

Total Project cost: $2,160

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Our local partner, the Collateral Repair Project, will check out the gear to students and run transportation to and from the park. Islah supporter Nadya Tannous has already delivered 15 skate boards, so all we need to fund is an instructor and protective gear.

Meet Omar, the skate instructorScreen Shot 2015-09-20 at 11.53.09 AM

Omar is an excellent skater, who was involved in the skate park construction last year. He has agreed to teach a 2-3 hour skate class each week, as well as oversee the park. He will be receiving $29 dollars a week as a stipend for his transportation and time.  Our goal is to support a year of skate classes at a total cost of $1,508.


Safety Equipment, purchased in Jordan will include helmets, and knee, wrist and elbow pads. We’ve negotiated a bulk price for the pads and helmets.  $652 for 15 helmets and 15 sets of pads.

Skating gear

The children served by these classes have escaped from US foreign policy and US weapons in Iraq and Syria. They are generally traumatized, behind in school, and displaced from neighborhoods that once provided safe, shared space for play and physical movement. This is an opportunity to participate in repair, which is the ultimate goal of reparations efforts.


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