Support Palestinian Coverage of the Great Return March!

The Great Return March near Al Bureij Camp via Tawwasal

Our friends at Tawwasal need urgent financial support in order to continue translating and sharing content from the Great Return March. Tawwasal is a grassroots Palestinian project that aims to eliminate communication barriers among Palestinians globally as well as solidarity activists. They accept submissions of articles, stories, and other important content and translate it from Arabic to English or vice versa.

With the onset of the Great Return March, they found it necessary to launch more quickly than anticipated, given that the Tawwasal project is entirely run by Palestinians from or in Gaza. While the Great Return March introduces this sense of urgency, it is vital to make Tawwasal’s work sustainable by ensuring that editors, photographers, translators, and site managers can be fairly compensated.

US citizens are complicit in the historical wrong committed against the Palestinian people that prevents them from returning to their homeland. Since March 30th, 20 Palestinians have been killed as a result of the Israeli army’s shoot to kill practice on the peaceful protestors at the Great Return March. Participants have been subjected to live ammunition as well as tear gas and drone surveillance, leading to over 1400 injured while Gaza’s medical facilities are already struggling with extremely scarce resources.

Contributing to the Tawwasal project is one form of reparations that allows Palestinians to continue reclaiming their narrative and history, as their friends and family members protest on the frontlines.

Here is Tawwasal’s emergency budget for the Great Return March:


The Great Return March near Al Bureij Camp via Tawwasal

1. Translation Support: $500

– Translation Support Funds will be used to financially assist writers unable to cover the cost of translation. This will cover the translation of 10-12 articles throughout the duration of the March.

2. Photography and Live Coverage: $200

– Photography and Live Coverage Funds will compensate photographers and activists covering the Great Return March on the ground via Tawwasal’s Facebook page.

3. Editing and Program Management: $300

– Editing and Program Management Funds will cover the cost of editing articles for publication, sourcing articles and communicating with writers, updating Tawwasal’s social media, and other ongoing maintenance. This work is taken on by Tawwasal’s co-founders, who have been coordinating unpaid since early February.

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Support Palestinian coverage of the Great Return March!

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