Welcome to ISLAH, an organization designed for those who feel that they were/are complicit in war, occupation, and displacement and who want to take responsibility for harm committed in their name. ISLAH offers people of conscience an opportunity to put into action the words we speak and the goodwill we feel when we think about our position in the global order and the violence wrought to sustain that position. Our goal is to mobilize reparations in the form of aid to the communities that our societies have harmed, and we ask all people of conscience to participate in giving reparations to start a healing processes.

Our largest project is to bring reparations to the Fallujah Women and Children’s Hospital. Iraq Trip 4-04 to 6-04 200Fallujah is currently experiencing a public health crisis. At present 14% of all children born in Fallujah are born with birth defects. The cancer rates in children are 12 times higher than what should be expected in a healthy population.

These rates are so high that some medical researchers compare the health fallout in Fallujah with that of Hiroshima after the atomic bomb was dropped. Children in Fallujah are being born with exposed spinal cords, missing or deformed limbs, scaly skin, protruding tumors, and defects that the doctors do not even have names for. 960232_525636837533846_1480483489_nMany believe this health crisis is caused by the chemical fallout from US military violence: more research needs to be done to confirm this.

Get involved today to help families in Fallujah who have been devastated by war.

ISLAH is not just about Iraq: we welcome you to join us in giving reparations in many forms to the many people harmed by war, occupation, and displacement.