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The Dakota Access Pipeline has been blocked for now. However, the good news is tempered by the knowledge that Energy Transfer Partners (ETP) has made it clear that they intend to finish the pipeline. We are reminded that often political announcements are simply tactics created to delay and distract resistors. Water Protectors at Standing Rock have decided to remain on their ground to defend the sacred through the winter months.

Despite blizzards and sub- zero temperatures, the indigenous community and their loyal comrades will remain steadfast in this battle against the black snake. With the election of Donald Trump, a strong proponent and investor of fossil fuels, it is critical that we continue to support our Water Protectors leading up to his inauguration and beyond. While the intense weather conditions have increased the challenges faced by the resisters, we can help them stay strong.

Individuals throughout Northern California are responding to the Calls to Action from tribal leaders residing in the Standing Rock resistance camps. Islah representatives will leave Santa Cruz, California and fly to North Dakota (at their expense) to purchase the most crucial supplies locally and deliver your donation to the Water Protectors to support their steadfastness in the face of adversity.



Envisioning the Postwar: A Dialogue with Scholars, Organizers, and Veterans

In the video to the right our Director, Kali Rubaii, discusses our vision of grassroots reparations at a symposium, Envisioning the Postwar: A Dialogue with Scholars, Organizers, &Veterans, on April 7th, 2016. We organized  this symposium in collaboration with NYU’s Culture’s of War and Post-war Research Collaborative, the Iraqi Transnational Collective, Iraq Veterans Against the War, and the Center for Constitutional Rights.


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