Welcome to ISLAH, an organization designed for those who feel that they were/are complicit in war, occupation, and displacement and who want to take responsibility for harm committed in their name. ISLAH offers people of conscience an opportunity to put into action the words we speak and the goodwill we feel when we think about our position in the global order and the violence wrought to sustain that position. Our goal is to mobilize reparations in the form of repair to the communities that our societies have harmed, and we ask all people of conscience to participate in giving reparations to start a healing processes.

Our most pressing goal is to offer IMG_2372reparations to internally displaced Iraqis. Amidst spreading chaos and violence in Iraq, so many of our friends have become internally displaced.

Some are trapped: doctors in Mosul are calling for urgent supplies to continue life saving surgeries, and trauma care. People in Fallujah and Ramadi still witness daily killing.

Those able to flee Anbar and Nineveh provinces to Duhok and Erbil are not safe from illness and death. Crowded, hot conditions mean some children, pregnant women, and the elderly are dying from heat stroke and dehydration. Bad sanitation and inadequate shelter induce disease. Doctors and locals are calling for basic antibiotics and antiviral medications, nutritional supplements, underwear, sanitary napkins, etc.IMG_2378-2

Large relief agencies are not quick enough to reach everyone, given the sudden, large-scale, and unexpected exodus of people to Northern Iraq. It is up to smaller, more agile local groups and individuals to fill the gaps while more durable institutions establish themselves.

Two of our members will distribute medication and supplies to hospitals and clinics this month.

If you feel you owe the Iraqi people reparations for the occupation and subsequent unraveling of their country, we recommend you give reparations now. We have a team returning to the area to offer reparations in the form of medicine and winter clothing in March 2015.

ISLAH is not just about Iraq: we welcome you to join us in giving reparations in many forms to the many people harmed by war, occupation, and displacement.